Cruise of Antarctica and South America
Sunday January 21- Sunday Feb. 4, 2018
with an included one night pre cruise hotel stay
in Buenos Aires Argentina on Sat. Jan. 20th

Book an ocean view or balcony cabin and get your choice of free drinks throughout the cruise, free wifi throughout the cruise or $189 per person in shipboard credit ($300 for single occupancy). 

Book with your $500 refundable deposit by April 25 and get your choice of two of those perks!

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Penguins jumping from icebergs in Paradise Bay Antarctica

Join us for a once in a lifetime Celebrity cruise visiting four mesmerizing places in Antarctica plus four scintillating ports in South America, visiting the countries of Argentina and Uruguay, plus a day in the fascinating Falkland Islands and a cruise along the famed Cape Horn.

 Witness penguins jumping from icebergs into the deep blue waters of Antarctica, seals lounging on icebergs and whales jumping through the air, all in their own natural environments. 

Witness icebergs as large as houses, some with chunks calving off into the sea and witness towering cliffs and majestic mountains.
Sail past the famed Cape Horn and spend an excursion day in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.

 Our group will also enjoy a pre cruise day and hotel night in Buenos Aires Argentina with a tour of the famous sites including the balcony where Eva Peron gave her heart wrenching dying speech and her final resting place.

In each port we dock in, we will offer an optional group excursion to witness amazing scenery, wildlife up close and more.  This is a great way to experience each, with the new friends you have made in our group.  If you prefer, you can sign up for one of the many ship sponsored excursions, offered in each port as well.  Each night on the ship we enjoy group dinners and ship sponsored shows, plus, if you wish, join your new friends from the group to enjoy nightclub dancing, or the casino.

Temperatures in Argentina and Uruguay in January are consistently in the low to mid 80s, making this a great escape from the cold of winter.


The Amazing places our ship will visit include

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Pre cruise hotel night on Sat Jan 20th through ship departure Sun. Jan 21st at 5pm
If only one word could be used to describe this vibrant and richly cosmopolitan city, it would be "mosaic." Stroll along these broad thoroughfares, like the Plaza de Mayo, where famed first lady Evita Perón led fervent crowds to petition for her husband’s release from prison, or visit Pirámide de Mayo, the oldest of the city’s many national monuments.

Enjoy a tour of the famous sites including the balcony where Eva Peron gave her heart wrenching dying speech and her final resting place.
Arrive Sat. Jan. 20th on your own flight arrangement or one that we book for you through the cruise line.  Upon arrival, make your own way to our group hotel, the Hilton Buenos Aires.  Ideally located near shops and restaurants in downtown Buenos Aires, we will spend our one night pre cruise stay in this 5 star luxury hotel.

This evening we will have a group orientation at our hotel, followed by an optional evening excursion to see an authentic Tango show.
The next morning, we will enjoy a half day city tour visiting the major sites of this eclectic and historic city including the balcony where Eva Peron gave her heart wrenching dying speech and her final resting place and we will then be transferred to our ship for boarding.


Ushuaia, Argentina  - Thursday Jan. 25th - docked from 9am-9pm
No city on the planet has a more southerly latitude. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world.  As a result, the sun shines for 18 hours during each summer day, providing ample opportunity to view the mix of glaciers, forests and sea, all framed by Mount Martial to the west and Mounts Olivia and Cinco Hermanos to the east.

Enjoy optional excursions to see Penguins and other wildlife or take our group excursion to Tierra Del Fuego National Park, the southernmost national park in the world and see stunning natural scenery.

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The beautiful sea and mountains of Ushuaia Argentina.


Cape Horn, Chile (Scenic Cruising)  - Friday Jan. 26th
Tierra del Fuego, (Land of Fire), is the most isolated place in the Americas, and Cape Horn is its southernmost point. These craggy cliffs and windswept shores are stark, rugged beauty personified, creating a dramatic setting for the collision between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans


Schollart Channel, Antarctica - Scenic Cruising Sat. Jan 27th  from 11am-1pm
You are certain to leave with amazing memories and pictures, as we cruise through Schollart Channel located at the entrance waters to Antarctica. Take in the mesmerizing sights of massive ice flows, humpback whales, waddling penguins, leopard seals and more in their natural and somewhat extreme element. You will get amazing photos of wildlife and dramatic scenery!

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The leopard seals you will see in the Schollart Channel at the gateway of Antarctica

Paradise Bay, Antarctica - Scenic Cruising Sat. Jan 27th from 2-4pm
This name aptly reflects the stunning beauty you'll find here, just as the clear waters beautifully reflect the spectacular mountains, such as Rojas Peak, Bryde Peak, and the Petzvol Glacier.

Within these waters we may see Minke whales feeding and Gentoo penguins curiously observing us from the rocky shores.  Have your camera ready, as our ship sails close enough to get amazing photo opps, from the outer decks!

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                  Penguins jumping from Icebergs in Paradise Bay Antarctica


Gerlache Strait, Antarctica - Scenic Cruising Jan. 27th from 5-7pm
A number of geographical anomalies around this channel make these waters among the most plankton-rich in the world. You’re likely to see a profusion of whales feeding in the rich ecosystem, which is a sight you’ll not soon forget!

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Whale sightings are common in the Gerlache Strait, Antarctica

Elephant Island, Antarctica  - Scenic Cruising Jan. 28th from 2-6pm
This tiny island in the Weddell Sea plays a role in one of seafaring history's most legendary exploits. When the brave crew of the Endurance, led by intrepid explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, was trapped in the ice during a 1914 polar expedition, they took refuge on this island until help arrived.
Here you will see incredible icebergs as the ship sails close to and in some cases may even sail between icebergs, providing great up close views!

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              Huge icebergs we will sail past along Elephant Island, Antarctica

Port Stanley, Falkland Islands – Docked Jan. 30th from 8am-5pm
Commune with the roughly 2,000 intrepid souls who call this remote former whaling outpost home. As you walk through the rocky, windswept landscape you may observe a few of the island’s flightless residents—including Magellan penguins burrowing underground, and rockhopper penguins carefully observing you from outcroppings.  You can take an excursion to see the King penguins on the beach and get so close that a penguin may even peck you on the cheek or on your head.

Choose from a variety of ship sponsored excursions or take our group excursion to see the King Penguins up close. The King Penguins are one of the largest species of penguins and are an amazing sight to witness up close.  The last time we took a group on this cruise and on this shore excursion, the king penguins came up so close that some passengers actually had the joy of the penguins pecking them on their caps.
You may also see other Gentoo and Magellanic penguins as well as sea lions.


Puerto Madryn, Argentina – Docked Thursday Feb. 1st from 7am-4:30pm
This deep water port was founded in 1865 by Welsh immigrants. Extending out into the Atlantic from Puerto Madryn is the Península Valdés, a wildlife sanctuary where vast numbers of sea elephants, whales and penguins far outnumber the few human visitors who make it out this far.

Enjoy optional excursions for whale watching or other activities or take our group excursion to see the penguin colony at Punta Tombo, a penguin preservation area, on this shore excursion where we will walk among Magellanic penguins while learning about their habits, migration and breeding patterns from your informative guide. During this unique day trip, you'll get up close and enjoy the antics of these entertaining birds — an unforgettable experience

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Enjoy our optional group excursion to see the penguins up close in their natural habitat at the Punta Tombo Penguin colony or take one of many excursions offered by the cruise ship.

Montevideo, Uruguay – Docked Sunday Feb. 3rd  from 9am-4:30pm
Montevideo is a thoroughly modern city with a rich artistic tradition, the reach of the rural estancias is all around you. If ever there were a time you were inclined to indulge, delicious steaks are the specialty of the house in virtually every restaurant.  There is much to see in this cosmopolitan and very historical South American city rich in culture and history.   

Choose one of many optional excursions from the cruise line or take our group’s half day excursion:
We will see the top attractions of Montevideo on a private shore excursion with your very own guide. You’ll visit several coastal barrios, stroll the Rambla of Montevideo — a coastal esplanade — and view historic landmarks in the capital such as Independence Plaza, Constitution Square and Parliament Palace. Along the way, learn about Montevideo history, architecture and culture. Opt to extend your half-day excursion with a winemaking tour at a local vineyard and a tasting of Uruguay’s award-winning Tannat wine.

Our ship: The Celebrity Infinity is a state of the art premium cruise ship.  With only 2100 passengers, you will never feel lost in the crowd like other cruise ships with carry two or even three times the number of passengers.  Signature features on the Celebrity Infinity include:

A first in our fleet. Casual, luxurious and inviting, the Rooftop Terrace features chic, cozy furniture, and a large outdoor soundscape and movie screen. Kick back and relax in the sun or sit back and catch an a  hit movie with a cocktail and your favorite snacks. It's the trendiest hot spot at sea.

Café al Bacio & Gelateria
The warm atmosphere, comfortable furniture and the sweet scent of the Gelateria's freshly baked waffle cones create an instant emotional connection. Café al Bacio is a great place to relax, any time of day. Many like to stop by in the evening for one of the specialty dessert cocktails, and chat about a great meal that they had or a wonderful show they just enjoyed. There's always something to talk about at Café al Bacio.

Martini Bar
Juggling bartenders serve your favorite martinis at this popular bar with shaved ice on its top.

Celebrity iLoungeSM
Keep in touch 24 hours a day in the Celebrity iLoungeSM, our one-of-a-kind hip Internet lounge that is the first Authorized Apple® Reseller at Sea. Celebrity iLoungeSM also offers various iLearn classes to help you master the latest photography, video and audio skills.

Canyon Ranch SpaClub®
Relax and rejuvenate in our serene spa at sea. Experience the unique services of Canyon Ranch in a breathtaking setting—aboard Celebrity's modern luxury ships. Enhance your vacation with a complete wellness and lifestyle program that increases resilience, restores serenity, and helps you feel rejuvenated.

Innovations Store
Your one-stop-spot at sea to find all the latest high-tech electronics including iPad® and iPod® mobile digital devices, MacBook® computers, a variety of laptops, digital accessories, and cool electronic toys. Best of all, whatever you purchase at the Innovations Store is duty-free.

Indoor Solarium
Ideal for enjoying the pool and jacuzzi without the hot sun. This stunning oasis is another favorite.

Also enjoy glass elevators with Sea Views, a wine bar, a coffee bar, several lounges, pools, casino, dance club and more.

Complete Trip itinerary
Saturday Jan. 20th – Pre cruise included hotel night in Buenos Aires Argentina. Arrive any time today and make your way to the Buenos Aires Hilton. Check in and relax.  Tonight after a group orientation, enjoy an optional evening excursion to an authentic, traditional Tango show.

Cruise day by day schedule





Sun Jan 21

Buenos Aires, Argentina-Included group city tour in the morning & transfer to ship


5:00 PM

Jan 22-24

At Sea-Enjoy free drinks* as you relax in the sun, swim, soak in the Jacuzzi, & if you wish, enjoy group activities onboard.



Thu Jan 25

Ushuaia, Argentina
See the stunning scenery of Tierra Del Fuego National Park

9:00 AM

9:00 PM

Fri Jan 26

Cape Horn, Chile
Scenic cruising around the southern tip of South America

6:00 AM       

8:00 AM

Sat Jan 27

Schollart Channel, Antarctica-    See penguins, seals, whales, massive icebergs & dramatic scenery

11:00 AM

1:00 PM

Sat Jan 27

Paradise Bay, Antarctica
Towering mountains, massive glaciers,    penguins and whales

2:00 PM

4:00 PM

Sat Jan 27

Gerlache Straight, Antarctica
      A Whale watching dream

5:00 PM

7:00 PM

Sun Jan 28

Elephant Island, Antarctica

2:00 pm



     Sail amongst incredible icebergs!



Mon Jan 29

At Sea-Enjoy Free drinks*, Sunshine
and more



Tue Jan 30

Port Stanley, Falkland Islands-See King Penguins on the beach in
their natural habitat

8:00 AM

5:00 PM

Wed Jan 31

At Sea-Enjoy Free drinks*, Sunshine
& more



Thu Feb 1

Puerto Madryn, Argentina-
See an entire colony of penguins at the Punta Tombo Penguin Colony

7:00 AM

4:30 PM

Fri Feb 2

At Sea-Enjoy Free drinks*, Sunshine
and more



Sat Feb 3

Montevideo, Uruguay
Culture, history and architecture

9:00 AM

4:30 PM

Sun Feb 4

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Disembark ship to fly home

5:00 AM



*Free drinks every day are provided to all passengers who book an ocean view or balcony cabin.  This includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, specialty coffees, teas, bottled water and more. There is no limit to the number of drinks you can order on this promotional program. This includes sea and port days and are provided at all ship lounges and dining venues.

Passengers who prefer, can, instead of the free drinks perk, choose either of these perks: Free wifi for the entire cruise, or $189 per person in shipboard credit.  ($300 for single occupancy bookings). Shipboard credit can be used toward anything chargeable on the ship-drinks, wifi, spa services, gift shop, ship sponsored excursions, even gratuities. It cannot be used in the casino or toward our group sponsored excursions.

  • Passengers who book with a refundable $500 deposit by April 25th can choose two of the three perks! (Free drinks, Free wifi, or shipboard credit of $189 per person in double occ., or $300 in single occ.)


Passengers should book their air to arrive into Buenos Aires anytime on Sat. Jan. 20th and home on Sunday Feb. 4th (suggested not any earlier than 11:30am on Feb. 4th)

  • 14 day Celebrity cruise Sun. Jan 21- Sun. Feb. 4, 2018
  • 1 night pre cruise hotel stay in Buenos Aires Argentina Sat. Jan. 20th
  • Morning city tour of Buenos Aires on Sun. Jan 21st
  • Transfer to the cruise ship at the end of the city tour Sun. Jan. 21st
  • Free roommate matching of the same gender and non-smoking or smoking roommate assignment choice

With an inside cabin on the ship:  (category 11) $3499 + taxes of $358 per person.

Or with an ocean view cabin on the ship: (category 7) $3999 + taxes of $398 per person (With choice on one perk-Free drinks, free Wifi, or $189 shipboard credit)
Or with a balcony cabin on the ship (category 2c)  $4749 + taxes of $398 per person (With choice on one perk-Free drinks, free Wifi, or $189 shipboard credit)
one  balcony room left

Single room supplement (add to the above price of the same cabin type if you wish to have your own room)
With Inside cabin: $2949
With ocean view cabin: $3549
With balcony cabin: $4359   

Deposits, cancelations, balance payments
A $500 deposit is due within 7 days of booking. This is refundable if you cancel by April 25th and non refundable thereafter.  Balance payment is Friday Aug. 18th and is non refundable

Passengers booking an ocean view or balcony cabin will receive - FREE - Celebrity Cruise Line’s Classic Drinks package for unlimited drinks throughout your 14 day cruise.  (Or choose free wifi or $189 per person shipboard credit good toward your choose of anything charged by the ship, such as drinks, internet, gift shop, spa, ship sponsored excursions, or even gratuities.)

The drinks package normally sells by the cruise line for $55 per day per person, but with this cruise promo it is included in your cruise free.  Your package can be used in the Main Restaurant, any specialty restaurant, the casual dining restaurants and buffet, plus all bars and lounges anywhere on the ship.   With this promo, you can order as many drinks as you wish throughout the 14 day cruise (although one at a time) – AND ALL OF THE DRINKS ARE FREE.  The following alcoholic brands are included by Celebrity Cruise Line for this unlimited drinks package.

Vodka:  Absolut • Absolut Flavors • Stolichnaya • Stoli Flavors, Kettel One and Smirnoff

Gin:       Beefeater • Gordon's • Tanqueray

Tequilla:  Jose Cuervo Blanco • Cuervo Gold • Cazadores Blanco • Cazadores Reposado

Scotch:   Bell's • Chivas • Johnny Walker Red • Dewars White Label • J&B & Cutty Sark

Bourbon/Brandy:  Jim Beam • Martell VS • Jack Daniels

Rum:     Barcardi   Bacardi Flavors • Myer's • Malibu • Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum• Bacardi 8

Cordials: • Amaretto • Frangelico • Kahlua • Tia Maria • Pimms 1 • Cointreau • Chambord • Bailey's Irish Cream • Drambuie and Campari

Beers: Bud Light • Budweiser • Coors Lite • Miller Lite • Heineken Light • Heineken • Corona • Corona Light

Wines: We offer a large global assortment of red, white and sparkling wines(champagnes) by the glass. 
Please ask your server for the list included in the Classic drinks package
Non Alcoholic drinks: Fountain soda selections • Fresh and bottled juices • Premium coffees and teas • Non-premium bottled water.

If you wish to enjoy other brands of beer, wine and spirits, you may upgrade to the Premium Drinks package for only $10/day per person.  This package includes all of the brands listed above plus brands such as Grey Goose Vodka, Jameson and Highland Park Scotch, Courvoisier VSOP and Remy Martin VSOP

Bourbon/Brandy, Mount Gay and Ron Zacapa Rum, Grand Marnier and St. Germain cordials. Red Stripe • Sam Adams • Dos Equis • Guinness Stout • Newcastle Ale • Stella Artois and Sierra Nevada beers; Premium bottled purified water • Vitamin Water • Red Bull